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Requests for Deep Magic

Ok, now I seriously *AM* going to run out stretch goals before the end of the project. It's a good problem to have, but I ask you Open Design veterans:

Who would you want to come on as a guest designer to do spells or closely related material, and what would you want them to write?

The floor is open.


Jun. 16th, 2013 02:24 am (UTC)
Pulling together the other variant systems out of KQ (if they're not in there), like Titvillus' stats revised for PFRPG or that glyph system article that was system neutral.

More homunculi. They got forgotten in PFRPG. Modifications for them. Maybe some Medium sized ones, like a bridge between them and golems. Really, maybe a section of Familiar based magic, improving the bond, protecting them, doing more.

A "gentleman's" spellcaster dueling system-- like Ars Magica's certamen, where spellcasters can have at each other without blowing their wad or putting a hole in anything.

A collection of "apprenticeship" traits-- things that help define what the spellcaster's instructor was like. For instance, I had one in a game called "Dabbled in Necromancy" that put CLW on my wizard's list. Nothing else. But things that help define how a spellcaster got where they are would be good.

Metamagic consumables-- alchemical components, the fetishes that showed up on the KQ blog, but expanded to include monsters from the bestiary, optional components from monsters that require certain amounts of heal/knowledge to remove, but allow you to juice spells. These might have a shelf life without alchemy.

Spells that target another spellcaster's *spells* -- like a magic missile that doesn't do 1d4+1 hit points, it takes out (or even temporarily blots out) a spell from memory, level 1d4+1. A spell that retargets a spell targeting you. Shields and other spells that protect from such effects. Spells that strip away at monster's ability to use SLA or Supernaturals...or even just hinder them-- requiring checks to use them. "Dampening the Gift," so to speak.

More incantations. A ritual caster archetype? Sympathetic magic, dealing with arcane connections and juicing up DCs by utilizing horoscopes and true names and things like baby teeth.

I think a lot about magic.