Wolfgang Baur (open_design) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Open Design Projects: Pathfinder and 4E

With the 3E Halls complete and 4E Halls of the Mountain King off to the editor, it's time to look at commissioning the next Open Design.

Or rather, the next THREE Open Design projects. This time, we're not trying to go head-to-head, edition warz style. We're just offering three great options, for Pathfinder and for 4E, as the senior patrons chose.

The proposals for the next projects are:

Court of the Shadow Fey 4E Proposal | Sign up!
From the Shore to the Sea Pathfinder Proposal | Sign up!
The Red Eye of Azathoth Pathfinder Proposal | Sign up!

Please give them a look and support the ones you like best. I hope to have at least one or two of them commissioned by mid-September.

EDIT: Comments disabled here so I don't wind up answering everything twice...

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