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Last Call: Frozen Empires

Hard to believe it, but the Northlands project of tropes for fantasy is almost fully funded!

Valkyries and primeval giants, linnorms and creatures of the boreal woods, and everything from Conan to the norse sagas is fair game for this one. The Frozen Empires Pathfinder RPG project includes:

  • New magic, including grudge magic and runes
  • New feats and alternate class abilities for rangers, druids, barbarians, and oracles
  • New equipment, arctic chase cards, and easy wilderness survival rules
  • Original, bigger-than-life monsters, plus wild creatures from myth and legend
  • Evocative settings easy to drop into any northerly area of Golarion, Zobeck, Oerth, or the Realms -- or your world
  • Much much more, from magic mead to the spears of the Valkyries!

Join us as a patron today, before the price goes up!