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I'm very happy to announce that the popular Imperial Gazetteer for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is now available in PRINT! The quality of both text and art really comes across here, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Open Design is proud to offer this edition of the Imperial Gazetteer. Let me know what you think of it!

Imperial Gazetteer for Pathfinder

After much revision and work by myself, declench, terraleon, and fray, the Pathfinder RPG has a new source of terror and mayhem: the Imperial Gazetteer of the undead lands of Zobeck.

Please spread the word and let us know what you think of it, good or bad. I hope that this is the first of many Pathfinder RPG gazetteers!
Spring is the time when a kobold's fancy turns to thoughts of love... and PC-devouring Shoggoths. Issue #13 of Kobold Quarterly is out now, and it's a heart-shaped box of RPG goodies that includes a mix of delicious fluff and satisfying crunch.

In this issue, you'll find Sex and Romance in RPGs, the astonishing Ecology of the Shoggoth, a new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game base class (the Arquebusier of Alkenstar), 4th Edition cultist classes and gambler's magic, and more: a complete Pathfinder Roleplaying Game mini-adventure, and new Freeport background for the Dragon Age RPG by Chris Pramas.

All of this plus great features from Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook, and other regular contributors. You can pick up issue #13 here and celebrate the return of spring to the mines.

13 Issues. I know, I'm as shocked as you are, but hey, three years of Kobold Quarterly and no signs of stopping. If anything, we're picking up speed.


Open Design Juggling

The Pathfinder RPG adventures and sourcebooks are clicking along nicely. At the moment, there are four Pathfinder projects under way at Open Design, not counting the upcoming issue of Kobold Quarterly:

1. From Shore to Sea/Sunken Empires combo: Complete and in edits!
2. Tales of the Old Margreve: In the early stages, patrons are pitching adventures.
3. Imperial Gazetteer: In layout, the best underdark expansion since... Well, since Empire of the Ghouls, though I may be biased. By yours truly, with Scott Gable and Ben McFarland.
4. Secret PDF Series: In the labs, will launch soon.

But I'm curious, of course. Which of these are people happiest about? What other Open Design projects might be announced at PaizoCon? Please do comment if you have a suggestion or something to add to the wish list, of visit the conversation on the KQ Forums.

Yes, It's Official

Tales of the Old Margreve is fully commissioned and moving into design!

As a bonus, Richard Pett may be pitching an adventure for the project as well.

Tales of the Margreve

It's turning into possibly the fastest-commissioned project Open Design has ever done: Tales of the Margreve is now more than 85% of the way to its commission, and will certainly start reviewing adventure pitches in early March. It's an anthology of 8 adventures, a bestiary, and a new school of magic: 124 pages of adventure plus discussion with the designers.

If you want to participate in this Pathfinder RPG design project with industry stalwarts Tim and Eileen Connors, now's the time. Sign up today, and add to the discussion on the Kobold Quarterly Forum.

Oh, and we'll have some surprises to announce as well once the project meets the commission. Don't be kicking yourself later…
As Brandon Hodge puts the final sections together for Sunken Empires, a new Pathfinder project is rising in the east. And it's by one of Paizo's strongest design teams, Tim and Eileen Connors. I've been admiring their work for some years (Meenlock Prison, Siege of the Spider Eaters), and I'm not the only one. After contributing to several Open Design projects, now they are leading one start to finish. I can't wait.

The project is Tales of the Old Margreve, a collection of forest tales for levels 1 to 10, suitable for any campaign. To join as a patron, please sign up today and let Tim know what you'd like to see for his new school of magic, new monsters, and creatures that lurk just outside the firelight's glow.

Man, I am so looking forward to this. Bring on the Baba Yaga!


Young Game Geeks Do Tech

I got to play D&D at an even greater level of geekiness than usual today, with a demo of 4th Edition gaming on a Microsoft Surface. This is the tabletop/game fusion that a group of great Carnegie-Mellon University students put together last year to great acclaim.

Well, they've updated their little demo into something more robust, and it's turned from "promising but full of holes" to "OMG this might actually work". Unfortunately, they don't seem to have funding for a full rollout and most of the gang is graduating this spring.... So the project's future rests on the two team members who are NOT graduating.

It seems like a choice piece of tech that I fear will never go into production, alas. But there's some details over at KQ.com. Very sweet game tech.

Kobold 4E and Pathfinder

Lots of great spells and monsters for Pathfinder and for 4th Edition D&D on the Kobold side of things lately, all of them immediately useful for most games. Lots of comments on the posts makes me think that other folks are enjoying them as well.

Anyway, I try to mention them here whenever possible, so without further ado:

  1. Selket, the Scorpion Goddess for anyone needing a desert nasty
  2. Vile derro rituals for 4E
  3. A conversion of the boon traps article from the magazine to Pathfinder RPG rules
  4. today's post is one by a very young author tackling an ancient monster

Anyway, thought I'd mention them. Rather good stuff piling up there, and there's a big announcement coming down the pike later in the week as well!


Free Kobold Quarterly

It's true, you can download a FREE issue of Kobold Quarterly magazine. Go to the KQ Store, add issue #10 to your cart, and enter the coupon code KQ10Free at checkout to snatch a PDF copy from our shelves.

In its pages you’ll find:
  • Jason Bulmahn on the Pathfinder RPG
  • Ed Greenwood’s Dwarven Goddess
  • Ecology of the Hill Giant
  • Wicked Fantasy: the Haffun
  • Secrets of the Halberd
  • Monte Cook’s Game Theories
  • Rampant Elf Lust
  • And so much more!

The vault will be sealed again on January 31, so act now!