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Open Design

Adventures, Ghouls, and Kobolds

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Wolfgang Baur
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Open Adventure Design
Ever want to tell a published game designer what to write?

Experienced RPG designer Wolfgang Baur is opening up the design of a complete adventure to public patrons. Wolfgang has designed for WotC, TSR, Malhavoc, and others, and is experimenting with this format to tailor his design for a limited audience.

Project patrons will choose the level, title, monsters, style, and many other details for an original D&D adventure, and Wolfgang will explain final design choices on a locked site for contributors. The current list of titles is available below.

Shaped by your choices, the resulting adventure will be exclusive to project contributors; non-members cannot get a copy. Sign up now and support the project by sending $25 to customadventure@comcast.net using PayPal. Please email customadventure@livejournal.com for mailing information for check or money orders.

The blog exists to serve as a clearinghouse for customized adventure design by Wolfgang Baur for RPG patrons.

Exclusive Access to OpenDesign
Here’s how it works: sign up now and by summer, you’ll have a complete, professional PDF copy of the adventure, written to match patron requests. The adventure level, title, and many other design choices will be selected by the project members.

Not only is the result shaped by your choices, it’s also exclusive. Only contributors will get a copy of the adventure; as a patron-published project, anyone who is not a member cannot buy a "back issue". Once you are signed up, you'll also have access to the patron-locked discussion about the adventure.

You can join as a patron via check, money order, or PayPal to customadventure@comcast.net. This offer ends on March 31st, 2007. For more information on types of patrons from apprentice on up, please see the patron page.

Standard $25
Your membership entitles you to access the locked portions of the site, reading the design essays, adventure outlines, and posted text sections. You'll also have access to the polls, sketches, and other graphics posted there.
Your name will appear in the adventure credits. You'll receive your copy of the project on October 1st.

The Current Project
Six Arabian Nights A set of six linked mini-adventures, each suitable for one night of play in Dark Arabia, a land of scimitars against the darkness. The project is funded and underway; new patrons are welcome on the understanding that some of the work is already ongoing.

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